The admonition of David (Ps 34:11-34:14)



O children!,

Listen to me!

I will teach you

The fear of Yahweh.


Which of you desires life?

Which of you covets many days to enjoy good?


Keep your tongue from evil!

Keep your lips from speaking deceit!


Depart from evil!

Do good!

Seek peace!

Pursue peace!”

David invited the people to listen to him. He spoke to others as they were like children. He was going to teach them about the fear of Yahweh. Everyone wants to live a long life. How can they do that? They have to keep from an evil tongue. They must not have deceitful speech on their lips. They have to depart from their evil ways. On the positive side, they have do good. They have to seek and pursue peace. Once again the choice is there, good or evil.

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