Paul’s apostolic defense (chapter 10)

Paul defended himself and his ministry.  He was not two faced.  He would not be judged by human standards. Although he lived in the world, he was waging a war, but not with worldly weapons.  Divine power destroys arguments, not with his words, but with his obedience to Christ.  He would punish disobedience, but accept obedience to God.

Thank you -54

April 7, 2021

Thank you! – 54

After a little more than three months, I have finished reading and commenting on Paul’s first Letter to the Corinthians.  I have now finished the New Testament four canonical gospels, plus the Acts of the Apostles, and now the first of Paul’s letters to the Romans, as well 1 Corinthians.  Every time I finish commenting on a book of the Bible, I send a thank you blog.  I usually post five blogs a day covering a verse of the biblical books.  So far, I have posted over 13,265 blogs about the individual paragraphs of all the 46 books of the Old Testament, plus the individual verses of the first seven books of the New Testament.  It has taken me almost seven years to get this done, since I first began in 2013.

Over 1,000 people have emailed me that they are following this project in some form or another.  242 people follow this blog every day.  Many people have visited this site.  The highest recent month was October, 2020 when 1,939 people visited this site.  There have been over 76,287 hits on this blog since its inception.  I just want to thank all of you.  Word Press sent me a compilation that showed that about 6,800 people from 84 countries visited this web site in 2015.

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Peace – love – joy

Eugene Finnegan

The final message (chapter 16)

Paul issued his final message to the Corinthians.  They were to stand firm in their faith.  They were to do everything with love, the Christian agape.  He wanted them to be kind to the household of Stephanas, the first converts in Achaia. They should be of service to one another.  Some presence helps in the absence of others.  They should give recognition to people.

The contribution for the saints (chapter 16)

Paul talked about the collection for the holy Jewish Christians in Jerusalem in this conclusion.  He wanted them to take up weekly collections for this gift to go to Jerusalem, so that they would not have to take a collection when he came to visit them.  He would go with them if it pleased them.  He wanted only upstanding people to go on this mission.

The resurrection event (chapter 15)

Paul said that we will be changed.  In a moment, the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised.  This perishable nature will put on imperishability.  Our mortal nature will become immortal.  In immortality, death will be swallowed up.  Death will lose its sting.  Death will be conquered.  Death will have no victory.  The sting of death is sin.  This victory comes from our Lord Jesus Christ.  We have to remain steadfast in the work of the Lord, where there is no labor in vain.

Adam and Christ (chapter 15)

Paul said that the first man Adam became a living soul, but the last man Christ became a life-giving spirit.  The physical man came first, then the spiritual man.  One was from earthly dust, but the other was from heaven.  Since you are both from the man of dust and the man of heaven, you bear the image of the man of dust and the man of heaven.  Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.  The perishable cannot inherit the imperishable.

The resurrection of the body (chapter 15)

Paul asked them what kind of body do you expect in the resurrection?  Life comes from death.  What you sow you will reap.  Death is like the sowing of a seed.  The seed is buried in the ground and then it sprouts with a new body.  God gives the seeds a new body.  Just like different plants, all of us have different fleshy bodies.  Thus, we will have celestial bodies that are different from our terrestrial bodies.  The glory of our heavenly body will be different from our current earthly body.  The resurrected dead will be glorified and transformed.  Just as the heavenly bodies in the sky are all different, so too will our heavenly bodies be different.