Jesus announced his return

They kept asking Jesus what he meant by “a little while.”  Jesus knew what they wanted to ask him.  He said that their tears would be turned to joy, just like at child birth.  Their hearts would rejoice.  They only had to ask the Father in his name.  Ask, and then they would receive things.  There would be no more parables.  Just ask in the name of Jesus.  The Father loved them.  Jesus came from the Father.  They said that Jesus was finally speaking plainly.  Jesus came from God.  Did they believe him now?  The Father is with Jesus.  He has overcome the world.  Do you believe in the second coming of Jesus?

The Paraclete

The Holy Spirit will bear witness that they have been with him from the beginning.  He will keep them from falling away.  They were to remember what Jesus had told them.  Where they were going, they would be sorrowful.  However, the Paraclete would come to convict the world about sin, righteousness, and judgment.  The Spirit of truth would glorify Jesus.  The Father would give them what belongs to Jesus.  Do you believe in the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit?

Jesus is the true vine

Jesus was the true vine.  They were to bear fruit.  They were clean, so that they could abide in Jesus, since they were the branches.  However, some branches would wither.  If they abided in him, they would bear much fruit.  The Father has loved him, so they were to keep his commandments with joy.  The great commandment was to love one another.  Greater love had no one that gives his life for another person.  Jesus called them friends, because he had chosen them to follow the command of love.  The world hated Jesus, so that they would hate his followers.  The servant was not greater than the master.  The world did not know who sent Jesus, but there was no excuse for sin.  The world has hated the Father and Jesus, without a just cause.  Do you believe that you are the branches of the true vine Jesus?

The farewell speech

Jesus said that God was glorified, so too he would be glorified.  They could not come where he was going.  He wanted them to love one another.  Thus, Jesus’ disciples would be known for their love of each other.  They would follow him later.  Peter wanted to go then, but Jesus told Peter that he would deny Jesus three times.  They were to believe in God and Jesus.  There would be a place for them.  Jesus was going to take them to himself.  They knew the way to where he was going.  However, they said how do we get there?  Jesus responded that he was the way.  They knew the Father.  However, they wanted to see the Father.  Jesus said that he had been with them so long and yet they still did not understand.  He said he was in the Father.  They were to believe in the Father with belief and works.  The Father was glorified in the Son.  Just ask anything in his name, and it would be given.  They were to keep his commandments.  The Paraclete, the Spirit of truth would not leave them as destitute orphans.  The world would not see him, but he was in them if they kept his commandments.  They either loved Jesus or not.  He would remain with them.  The Holy Spirit would bring peace.  He was going to the Father, so that they might believe that he loved the Father. Do you understand the relationship between God, the Father, and Jesus?

The Last Supper betrayal

Jesus loved his followers, but the devil was in Judas.  Jesus knew where he came from.  Jesus got ready to wash the feet of his disciples.  He then washed their feet, but Simon Peter objected.  Jesus told him that he would understand later.  He said that Jesus would never wash his feet, but then relented and said wash all of him.  Jesus said that all are clean, but there was a betrayer.  He asked them if they knew what he had done?  He was their Lord and teacher.  Thus, they should wash each other’s feet as his example had shown.  The servant was not greater than the master.  They were blessed, but some would turn against him.  They would believe after it happened.  They would believe in the one who sent him.  Jesus was troubled, while the disciples were uncertain.  The beloved disciple asked Jesus who he was talking about?  Who was going to betray him?  Jesus gave the piece of bread to Judas and told him to do it quickly.  No one knew what was going on with this strange command to Judas, as he left immediately.  Have you ever been to a place where you did not really understand what was going on?

The Messianic entrance into Jerusalem

There was a great crowd at the Passover festival.  They had palm branches shouting Hosanna as Jesus rode a young donkey into Jerusalem.  They said that a king was coming.  They remembered later that the crowd had born this witness.  They had heard about his great miracle signs.  The world went after Jesus.  Some Greeks were at the festival and wanted to see Jesus.  Andrew and Jesus found out about these Greeks.  Jesus announced his glorification.  The grain of wheat had to die to give fruit.  If you love life, you will lose it.  They had to serve Jesus.  However, Jesus was troubled as he heard a voice from heaven.  Other people heard something.  What was the reason for this voice?  The world rulers would be driven out.  Jesus would draw everyone to himself.  Jesus was signifying how he was going to die.  Who is the Son of Man?  They had to walk in light, but Jesus hid himself.  There still was incredulity about the power or arm of the Lord.  They were unable to believe because they were blind to the glory of God.  However, many leaders believed in Jesus.  Others loved human glory rather Jesus as the light.  Jesus summarized his teaching.  Believe in the one who sent him because Jesus was the light that came to save the world.  He would judge them on the last day.  The Father had told Jesus what to say about eternal life.  Do you believe that Jesus is the light of the world?

The anointing at Bethany

Passover was approaching.  Would Jesus go to the Passover festival, since they wanted to arrest Jesus?  Jesus went to Bethany.  Martha served supper, while Mary anointed Jesus’ feet.  Judas Iscariot complained that the money spent on the oil could have helped the poor.  Judas was a thief, so that Jesus said to Judas to leave Mary alone.  He explained that they would always have poor people.  Meanwhile, everyone wanted to see Lazarus, the man who rose from the dead.  Thus, the Pharisees wanted to put Lazarus to death, because he was helping the people to believe in Jesus.  Do you believe that there will always be poor people?

The Book of Glory

Jesus prepared the disciples for their coming lives without his physical presence. He prayed for them and for himself.  He was preparing them for his passion, death and resurrection.  The section ended with a conclusion on the purpose of the gospel that the reader might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing they may have life in his name.  Do you live in the life of Jesus Christ?

The plot to kill Jesus

Many Jews believed in Jesus, so that some people reported this to the Pharisees.  The Jewish council or Sanhedrin took up this question.  They were afraid that the Romans would come.  Caiaphas, the high priest, said that one man should die to save others.  Thus, Jesus should die to save their country from a Roman invasion.  They planned to kill Jesus, so that Jesus did not walk around openly.  Would you walk around if people were planning to kill you?

The resurrection of Lazarus

Lazarus of Bethany, the brother of Mary and Martha, was ill.  Jesus loved them, but he stayed longer instead of going to Judea again, because they wanted to stone him there.  With twelve hours a day of light, they stumble at night.  Jesus said that Lazarus was asleep and would recover.  Did he mean death or sleep?  Lazarus was dead.  Finally, Jesus said they were going to go to Lazarus.  Thomas spoke out.  Lazarus was in the tomb four days in Bethany.  Many Jewish people were consoling Martha and Mary.  Martha went to meet Jesus.  She said that Lazarus would not have died if Jesus was there.  However, God would give whatever Jesus wanted.  Jesus said that Lazarus would rise again.  Martha said that Lazarus would rise up on the last day, because she believed in the resurrection.  If she believed in Jesus, she would never die.  She said that she believed that Jesus was the Christ.  Then Martha went to get her sister Mary.  Mary went to see Jesus.  Jesus was not in the village of Bethany.  Many thought that Mary was going to the tomb of Lazarus.  She also told Jesus that her brother would not have died if he had been there.  Jesus was moved and wept because Jesus loved Lazarus. They all went to the tomb of Lazarus.  Jesus issued a prayer to the glory of God, so that the others might believe.  Then Lazarus came walking out of the tomb, after Jesus called him to come out.  What do you make of this Lazarus story?