Jesus and John the Baptist

The disciples of Jesus were baptizing as well as John the Baptist at Aenon.  John was not yet in prison.  However, the disciples of John the Baptist had a discussion, because they were worried about Jesus.  John the Baptist said that all things came from heaven, but that he was not the Christ Messiah.  He pointed out the difference between the bride and the bridegroom.  Jesus had to increase, while he had to decrease.  The one from above was rejected.  However, God was true and he spoke the words of God.  The Father loves the Son in eternal life.  However, Jesus was making more disciples than John, as the disciples of Jesus were baptizing people.  Are you jealous of other people?

The discourse with Nicodemus

Nicodemus, who was a Pharisee, came to Jesus.  Jesus responded to Nicodemus who asked him a question about water and the Spirit.  Jesus explained the difference between flesh and the Spirit.  He should not be astonished or skeptical.  Then Jesus rebuked Nicodemus.  He should have known the teaching testimony about heavenly things, the role of the Son of Man, and the role of Moses.  He had to believe to have eternal life.  Jesus explained the meaning of the prologue.  God loved the world.  He did not condemn the world.  There was a difference between believing and not believing, just like the difference between light and darkness.  The evil doers hated the light.  They should do what is true in the light.  Do you prefer light or darkness?

The cleansing of the Temple

Jesus went to Jerusalem for Passover.  However, there were animals in the Temple.  Jesus overturned the tables of the moneychangers.  He told them that the Temple should not be a marketplace.  They should have zeal for the house of the Lord.  They were looking for a sign, so he said that in three days, he would raise it up again.  It took a long time for construction of Temple, but Jesus was speaking about his body.  Later on, they would remember these words.  Jesus spent Passover in Jerusalem, but he was not trusting anyone, because he knew everyone there.  Do you trust many people?

The miracle at the wedding in Cana

Jesus went to a wedding at Cana.  They ran out of wine.  Jesus told his mother that his hour had not yet come.  However, his mother told the stewards to do whatever Jesus told them to do.  They filled up six stone jars with water.  After they had done this, Jesus told them to have the chief steward taste the water.  Instead of water, it was good wine.  This was Jesus’ first sign before they went to Capernaum.  When was the last time you were at a wedding?

The first disciples of Jesus

The first two disciples of Jesus were originally disciples of John the Baptist who heard him speak about the Lamb of God to come.  They left John the Baptist to speak with Jesus.  Then they stayed with him.  Andrew was one of these disciples.  He went and told Simon, his brother, who will be called Peter.  Thus, Jesus wanted to go to Galilee.  He found Philip from Bethsaida.  Then Philip found Nathanael, who asked can anything good come out of Nazareth?  Nathanael was not deceitful as he sat under a fig tree.  Then Nathanael proclaimed that Jesus was the Son of God.  Why did he believe Jesus?  Nathanael would see the Son of Man.  What do you think was the relationship between the disciples of John and the disciples of Jesus?

John the Baptist

The testimony of John the Baptist was that he was not the Christ Messiah, nor Elijah.  He was the voice in the wilderness.  Then why was he baptizing people? He was baptizing with water, because he was unworthy.  Jesus and John the Baptist met.  However, Jesus ranked ahead of John the Baptist, since Jesus was to be revealed to Israel.  John the Baptist saw the dove, the Holy Spirit.  This was the witness of John the Baptist about Jesus.

The Book of Signs

Jesus was baptized.  He called his disciples and began his earthly ministry.  He traveled from place to place informing his hearers about God the Father, offering eternal life to all who would believe in him.  He performed miracles or signs to add authenticity to his teaching.  There were tensions with the religious authorities who decided that he must be eliminated.  Thus, these miracles were signs to help people believe in Jesus.  Do you believe in miracles?