Unworthy participation (chapter 11)

Paul said they should not eat or drink the body and blood of Christ in an unworthy manner.  They should examine themselves before partaking in this worship action.  They should discern what they are doing.  Some were weak and died.  How do we judge ourselves?  The Lord’s judgment disciplines us.  Thus, they should wait for one another and eat at home if they are that hungry.

The institution of the Eucharist (chapter 11)

Paul said that he was handing over to them what had been handed on to him.  He explained that Jesus Christ had said “This is my body!” at the Last Supper.  Jesus also had said at the same meal “This is the cup of the New Covenant!”  They were to continue to proclaim the Lord’s death until he would come again.

Abuses at the Lord’s Supper (chapter 11)

Paul was upset and said that when they were meeting together, there were divisions among them.  There would be tests to see who was genuine.  When they gather for the Lord’s supper, each one goes with their own meal.  Some were hungry while others were drunk.  They were despising and showing contempt for the church of God.  He could not commend them for this kind of behavior. 

Head coverings at liturgical assemblies (chapter 11)

Paul said that they should maintain the teaching traditions.  He said that God is the head of Christ.  Christ is the head of every man.  The husband is the head of his wife.  A man should not wear a head covering when praying.  However, a woman should wear a veil on her head when she prays.  Any woman who prays with an uncovered head dishonors her head, the same way that a shaven head dishonors her.  She was to shave her hair or wear a veil.

Seek the good of your neighbor (chapter 10)

Paul said that all things are lawful, but not all things are helpful or build up.  Let no one seek their own advantage, but the good of their neighbor.  Eat the meat from the market without any questions.  Everything belongs to God.  If you are at diner at an unbeliever’s house, consider the other person and the role of conscience.  Why should anyone be denounced?

Against idolatry (chapter 10)

Paul said that they were to shun the worship of idols.  They were to judge for themselves.  The cup of blessing was the blood of Christ.  The bread was the body of Christ.  Thus, they had the body and blood of Christ, one body and one loaf of bread.  The Israelites ate the sacrifices at their altars.  Is there any value to idols or idol food?  These pagans were sacrificing to demons.  You cannot eat and drink with the Lord and the demons.  Do not make the Lord jealous!

Warnings from Israel’s history (chapter 10)

Paul said that this was a warning to not desire evil.  They should not be idolaters.  They were not to engage in Israelite immorality.  They were not to put the Lord to the test.  They were not to grumble.  These Israelites were destroyed by the destroyer.  The warnings were written down.  Watch out for failure.  All men have suffered the same temptation.  God is faithful and will provide an escape for you.