The death of King Manasseh (2 Chr 33:18-33:20)

“Now the rest of the acts of King Manasseh, his prayer to his God, and the words of the seers who spoke to him in the name of Yahweh the God of Israel, these are in the Annals of the Kings of Israel. His prayer and how God received his entreaty are written in the records of the seers. All his sin and his faithlessness are written in the records of the seers. The sites on which he built high places and set up the sacred poles and the images, before he humbled himself, they are written in the records of the seers. So King Manasseh slept with his ancestors. They buried him in his house. His son Amon succeeded him.”

For more information about King Manasseh, check with the lost “Annals of the Kings of Israel.” Here is an explicit mention of the same book as in 2 Kings, chapter 21, but it is Israel rather than Judah. Perhaps this may be a reference to the biblical Book of Kings, where some of the passages are the same.   This biblical writer is less critical than his counterpart in 2 Kings. All the good things and bad things that King Manasseh did can be found in this book. He died and was buried in his own garden, but not with his ancestors. His son King Amon took over for him. Yahweh seemed more displeased with the people of Judah and Jerusalem rather than King Manasseh himself.

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