The Two witnesses in Revelation

In the Book of Revelation, there were two witnesses or two prophets mentioned.  Christian eschatology interpreted these witnesses as two people, two groups of people, or two concepts.  However, the two witnesses are never explicitly identified in Revelation.  Some believe they are Enoch and Elijah, since they are the only two that did not see death.  Others believe them to be Moses and Elijah because they appeared during the transfiguration of Jesus.  These two witnesses also had the power to shut the heavens and turn water into blood like Elijah and Moses.  There were also two olive trees and two lampstands.  Either these were two individuals, or symbols of the Christian community and Israel.  They might have been symbols of the Old and New Testament, or Jewish believers in Christ and gentile believers in Christ.  Today, the preference is to see them as two individual people, either Elijah, Enoch, or Moses.  The “Sleepy Hollow” TV series from 2013, had an interesting take on these two witnesses as Ichabod Crane and a twenty-first century lady named Abbie Mills, who faced various tribulations.  What do you think about Moses and Elijah?


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