Outline of the Book of Leviticus

The Book of Leviticus

Leviticus General Structure (per Jerusalem Bible)


I. The ritual of sacrifices

 The animal sacrifices (Lev 1:1-1:17)

The grain offering (Lev 2:1-2:16)

The well-being offering (Lev 3:1-3:17)

The offering for unintentional sins (Lev 4:1-4:2)

The priests (Lev 4:3-4:12)

The assembly of Israel (Lev 4:13-4:21)

The ruler (Lev 4:22-4:26)

The ordinary person (Lev 4:27-4:35)

Sins that need a sin offering (Lev 5:1-5:6)

The sin offering of an ordinary person (Lev 5:7-5:13)

The sin offering (Lev 5:14-5:19)

The offering for a sin against your neighbor (Lev 5:20-5:26)

The priest and the burnt offering (Lev 6:1-6:6)

The grain offering ritual (Lev 6:7-6:16)

The sin offering ritual (Lev 6:17-6:23)

The guilt offering ritual (Lev 7:1-7:6)

The rights of priests (Lev 7:7-7:10)

The well-being offering ritual (Lev 7:11-7:15)

Spontaneous or free will offerings (Lev 7:16-7:18)

General food rules (Lev 7:19-7:27)

The portions for the priests (Lev 7:28-7:38)


II. The investiture of priests

The Ordination Ritual (Lev 8:1-8:36)

The priestly functions (Lev 9:1-9:24)

Death of Nadab and Abihu (Lev 10:1-10:5)

Special rules for mourning priests (Lev 10:6-10:7)

No wine drinking (Lev 10:8-10:11)

Priests and the offerings (Lev 10:12-10:15)

Problems with the sin offering (Lev 10:16-10:20)


III. The rules for clean and unclean items

 The clean and unclean animals (Lev 11:1-11:8)

Fish and birds (Lev 11:9-11:19)

Winged insects (Lev 11:20-11:23)

Contact with unclean animals (Lev 11:24-11:28)

Swarming creatures (Lev 11:29-11:31)

Other rules for contact with unclean things (Lev 11:32-11:40)

Doctrinal considerations (Lev 11:41-11:45)

Conclusion (Lev 11:46-11:47)

Purification of females after birth (Lev 12:1-12:8)

The leprosy diagnosis (Lev 13:1-13:8)

Chronic lepers (Lev 13:9-13:17)

Boils (Lev 13:18-13:23)

Burns (Lev 13:24-13:28)

An itch in the head or beard (Lev 13:29-13:37)

Rashes and baldness (Lev 13:38-13:44)

Statutes about lepers (Lev 13:45-13:46)

Leprous clothing (Lev 13:47-13:59)

Ritual for the purification of lepers (Lev 14:1-14:32)

The leprous house (Lev 14:33-14:57)

Male sexual impurity (Lev 15:1-15:18)

Female sexual impurity (Lev 15:19-15:30)

Conclusion (Lev 15:31-15:33)

The Day of Atonement (Lev 16:1-16:34)


IV. The law of holiness

The sacrifices (Lev 17:1-17:16)

Conjugal sexual rules (Lev 18:1-18:30)

Elaboration on moral prescriptions (Lev 19:1-19:37)

The punishment for sacrificing to Molech (Lev 20:1-20:7)

The penalties for sexual misconduct (Lev 20:8-20:21)

Clean and unclean (Lev 20:22-20:25)

Holiness of Yahweh (Lev 20:26-20:27)

Holiness of the priests (Lev 21:1-21:9)

The high priest (Lev 21:10-21:15)

Infirmity as an impediment for the priests (Lev 21:16-21:24)

The holiness of the sacred priests (Lev 22:1-22:9)

Lay people (Lev 22:10-22:16)

Sacrificial animals (Lev 22:17-22:30)

Final exhortation (Lev 22:31-22:33)

The Sabbath and the rituals of the year (Lev 23:1-23:4)

The Feast of Passover and Unleavened Bread (Lev 23:5-23:8)

The Feast of the First Harvest (Lev 23:9-23:14)

The Feast of Weeks (Lev 23:15-23:22)

The Feast of Trumpets (Lev 23:23-23:25)

The Day of Atonement (Lev 23:26-23:32)

The Feast of Tents (Lev 23:33-23:36)

Conclusion of festivals (Lev 23:37-23:38)

Thanksgiving festival of Yahweh (Lev 23:39-23:44)

The perpetual flame (Lev 24:1-24:4)

Bread on the golden table (Lev 24:5-24:9)

Blasphemy and the law of retaliation (Lev 24:10-24:23)

Sabbatical year (Lev 25:1-25:7)

The Jubilee Year (Lev 25:8-25:19)

Divine guarantee (Lev 25:20-25:22)

Exchange of property (Lev 25:23-25:34)

Relatives and slaves (Lev 25:35-25:55)

Conclusion (Lev 26:1-26:2)

The blessings (Lev 26:3-26:13)

The curses or punishments (Lev 26:14-26:46)


V. Consecrated vows

The value of people’s vows (Lev 27:1-27:8)

Presentations of Animals (Lev 27:9-27:13)

Vowed Houses (Lev 27:14-27:15)

Vowed Fields (Lev 27:16-27:25)

First born animals (Lev 27:26-27:27)

Non-redeemable items (Lev 27:28-27:29)

Tithing (Lev 27:30-27:34)

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