The treasures of wisdom (Col. 2:3)

“In Christ

Are hidden

All the treasures

Of wisdom

And knowledge.”

ἐν ᾧ εἰσιν πάντες οἱ θησαυροὶ τῆς σοφίας καὶ γνώσεως ἀπόκρυφοι.

Paul said, “In Christ (ἐν ᾧ) are (εἰσιν) hidden (ἀπόκρυφοι) all the treasures (πάντες οἱ θησαυροὶ) of wisdom (τῆς σοφίας) and knowledge (καὶ γνώσεως).”  Paul indicated that all the hidden treasures of wisdom and understanding were hidden in Jesus Christ.  In other words, knowing Jesus Christ would unleash all the hidden treasures that come with true wisdom, knowledge, and insight.  Are you seeking true wisdom?

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