Paul heads to Rome

Paul was handed over to a centurion as they set sail for Asia Minor.  They landed at Sidon.  Then they sailed by the island of Cyprus and on to Myra, where they got on an Alexandrian ship.  They sailed by Crete on the way to Fair Havens, but the sailing was dangerous.  Paul said that they were in danger, but the centurion listened to the owner of the ship.  They wanted to go to Phoenix, so that they sailed along the coast of Crete.  However, they got caught in a northeastern wind.  Finally, they got control of the lifeboat.  They had a number of problems at sea, so that they threw overboard the cargo and the tackle.  They had lost hope.  Paul told them “I told you so”.  He said that there would be no loss of life because an angel had appeared to him to say that they would all be safe.  They just had to stay courageous. However, they ran aground on some island.  They were getting close to land in shallow water, so that they anchored the ship.  The sailors lowered the lifeboat but Paul told them to keep the sailors on board.  The soldiers cut the ropes of the lifeboat.  Then Paul told them to take some food since they had to survive.  Paul had some bread like Eucharistic bread.  They all took some food, since there were 276 people on board this ship.  They threw the wheat overboard as they headed for the beach in the bay, but they struck a reef.  The soldiers wanted to kill the prisoners.  However, the centurion said that they should swim to land.  Thus, they all arrived safe on land.

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