Amnon rapes his half sister Tamar (2 Sam 13:7-13:14)

“Then David sent home to Tamar, saying. ‘Go to your brother Amnon’s house. Prepare food for him.’ So Tamar went to her brother Amnon’s house, where he was lying down. She took dough, kneaded it, made cakes in his sight, and baked the cakes. Then she took the pan and set them out before him. But he refused to eat. Amnon said. ‘Send out everyone from me.’ So everyone went out from him. Then Amnon said to Tamar. ‘Bring the food into the chamber, so that I may eat from your hand.’ So Tamar took the cakes she had made, and brought them into the chamber to Amnon her brother. But when she brought them near him to eat, he took hold of her. He said to her. ‘Come. Lay with me, my sister.’ She answered him. ‘No, my brother, do not force me. Such a thing is not done in Israel. Do not do anything so vile! As for me, where could I carry my shame? As for you, you would be as one of the scoundrels in Israel. Now therefore, I beg you, speak to the king. He will not withhold me from you.’ But he would not listen to her. Being stronger than she, he forced her and lay with her.”

This was a classic form of date rape. The two people knew each other. However, there intentions were quite divergent. Tamar prepared the cakes as King David had suggested. Then Amnon sent everyone away. He then asked to have sex with Tamar. When she refused, he being stronger forced himself on her. Tamar seemed to think that maybe King David would let her marry Amnon.

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