Yahweh would remember the just righteous ones (Mal 3:16-3:16)

“Then those who revered Yahweh

Spoke with one another.

Yahweh took notice.

Yahweh listened.

A book of remembrance

Was written

Before him

Of those

Who revered Yahweh,

Of those

Who thought on his name.”

However, there was a group of Israelites who revered Yahweh.  They spoke among themselves.  Yahweh saw and listened to this, as he took notice of what was going on.  There was a book of remembrance, where all the names of those who revered Yahweh and his name were written down.  This is where we get the idea that someone is keeping track of our lives in a book.

Job wants his story and words remembered (Job 19:23-19:24)

“O that my words were written down!

O that they were inscribed in a book!

O that they were inscribed with an iron pen and with lead

O that they were graven in the rock forever!”

Job wanted his words written down. Luckily for him, they have been inscribed in this book of Job. Are these his exact words? Probably not, but the gist is the same. He wanted to be remembered for something. He wanted someone with pen or lead to write it on a rock. He wanted everyone to know about his sufferings.