Rabshakeh gives the promise of a new land (Isa 36:16-36:17)

“Thus says the king of Assyria.

‘Make your peace with me!

Come out to me!

Then every one of you

Will eat of your own vine

With your own fig tree.

You will drink water

From your own cistern.

Then I will come.

I will take you away

To a land like your own land,

A land of grain,

A land of wine,

A land of bread.”

Once again in the same words as 2 Kings, chapter 18, Rabshakeh offered the people on the wall a promise of peace. If they came with him, they would have their own vineyard, fig tree, and water in a new country that had grain, bread, and wine. They would be able to drink their own water in this land with grain and vines, much like in their own country. The mention about honey is missing here in Isaiah.