The defeat of the Ammonites (2 Chr 27:5-27:6)

“King Jotham fought with the king of the Ammonites. He prevailed against them. The Ammonites gave him that year one hundred talents of silver, ten thousand cors of wheat, and ten thousand cors of barley. The Ammonites paid him the same amount in the second and the third years. So Jotham became mighty. He ordered his ways before Yahweh his God.”

The one big war mentioned was the fight with the Ammonites. They keep appearing and losing all the time. These Ammonites brought silver, wheat, and barley. Apparently they did not have much gold. They with the Arameans and the Philistines must have always been arguing with the men of Judah. There is no mention of the wars or skirmishes with the northern Arameans and the Israelites that were mentioned in passing in 2 Kings, chapter 15. However, he was successful and strong because he walked in the ways of Yahweh.