King Abijah defends Yahweh worship (2 Chr 13:8-13:12)

“Now you think you can withstand the kingdom of Yahweh?

In the hand of the sons of David,

Because you are a great multitude

You have with you the golden calves

That King Jeroboam made you for gods.

Have you not driven out the priests of Yahweh?

The descendents of Aaron,

And the Levites?

You have made priests for yourselves like the peoples of other lands. Whoever comes to be consecrated with a young bull or seven rams Becomes a priest of what are no gods.

But as for us,

Yahweh is our God.

We have not abandoned him.

We have priests ministering to Yahweh

Who are descendents of Aaron,

And Levites for their service.

They offer to Yahweh every morning and every evening

Burnt offerings and incense of sweet spices,

Set out the rows of bread on the table of pure gold,

And care for the golden lamp stand

So that its lamps may burn every evening.

For we keep the charge of Yahweh our God,

But you have abandoned him.

See, God is with us at our head,

And his priests have their battle trumpets

To sound the call to battle against you.

O Israelites,

Do not fight against Yahweh, the God of your fathers.

You cannot succeed.”

This speech now becomes a great defense of Yahweh worship, not warring factions. The false gods cannot drive out the priests of Yahweh, the descendents of Aaron. King Jeroboam and Israel only have made up priests, not Levites. The priests of Jerusalem offer service every morning and evening. These true priests are ready to sound the battle trumpets. He warned the Israelites not to fight against Yahweh, because they cannot succeed. This speech is not found elsewhere in biblical literature.