Discipline your children (Prov 23:13-23:16)

“Do not withhold discipline from your children.

If you beat them with a rod,

They will not die.

If you beat him with the rod

You will save their lives from Sheol.

My child!

If your heart is wise,

My heart too will be glad.

My soul will rejoice

When your lips

Speak what is right.”

Here is the reason for the good use of discipline. You were not to withhold discipline to a child. Your children were not going to die from being beat with a stick or rod. In fact, they will be saved from the underworld Sheol. If the child has a wise heart, the heart of the parents will be glad. Parents will rejoice when the lips of their children speak what is right.

The heart of wisdom (Ps 90:11-90:12)

“Who considers the power of your anger?

Your wrath is as great

As the fear that is due you.

So teach us to number our days.

Thus we may gain a wise heart.”

We have to consider the power of God’s anger. He is due respect and fear because of his great wrath. The psalmist wanted God to teach him the number of his days so that he would have a wise heart, a heart of wisdom.