The lineage of Moses is in charge of the gifts given to the temple (1 Chr 26:25-26:28)

“Shebuel’s brother from Eliezer, were his son Rehabiah, and then his son Jeshaiah, and then his son Joram, and then his son Zichri, and finally his son Shelomoth. This Shelomoth and his brothers were in charge of all the treasuries of the dedicated gifts which King David, and the heads of the heads of families, and the officers of the thousands and the hundreds, and the commanders of the army, had dedicated. From booty won in battles they dedicated gifts for the maintenance of the house of Yahweh. Also all that Samuel the seer, and Saul son of Kish, and Abner son of Ner, and Joab son of Zeruiah had dedicated, all dedicated gifts were in the care of Shelomoth and his brothers.”

This biblical author seems to give deference to the sons of Moses who were in charge of all the collected booty or spoils that were captured. Shebuel the grandson of Moses was the chief officer. However, it is through Eliezer, the brother of Gershom, that the chief officer of the spoils from the various battles is brought to the temple, as in Numbers, chapter 31. His lineage went through the grandson of Moses, Rehabiah. There were 3 other people with the name of Jeshaiah. This Joram was neither the king of Judah (848-841 BCE) or Israel (852-841 BCE). There were 11 different people with the name of Zichri. There were 2 other people with the name of Shelomoth. This Shelomoth and his brother were in charge of the booty from the various battles of Samuel, Saul, Abner, Joab, and David had brought to the temple. After each battle, Israelite officers would dedicate gifts to the Temple.