Watch your sinning companions (Sir 12:13-12:15)

“Who pities

A snake charmer

When he is bitten?

Who pities

All those who go near wild animals?

So no one pities a person

Who associates with a sinner.

He will become involved in the other’s sins.

He stands by you for a while.

But if you falter,

He will not be there.”

No one pities a snake charmer who gets bit. Neither does anyone pity a person who goes near wild animals. So too, no one pities a person who hangs out with sinners. You will be involved with those sinners. By your friends, you will be known. They will stand with you for a while, but if you fall, they will be gone.

The wicked are not David’s friends (Ps 26:4-26:5)

“I do not sit with the worthless.

I do not consort with hyprocrites.

I hate the company of evildoers.

I will not sit with the wicked.”

David would not sit with worthless people or hypocrites. He hated the company of evildoers. He would not sit with the wicked ones. Clearly this was the cry of the innocent pure man who would not hang out or consort with the wicked evil people.