Who can resist the will of God? (Rom 9:19)

“You will say to me then.

‘Why does God still blame

Or find fault?

Who can resist God’s will?’”

Ἐρεῖς μοι οὖν Τί ἔτι μέμφεται; τῷ γὰρ βουλήματι αὐτοῦ τίς ἀνθέστηκεν;

Paul said that they would say to him (Ἐρεῖς μοι οὖν) or question him.  Then why does God still find fault or blame people (Τί ἔτι μέμφεται)?  Who can resist his will or what is the purpose in resisting him (τῷ γὰρ βουλήματι αὐτοῦ τίς ἀνθέστηκεν)?  Only the Pauline letters used this word μέμφεται, the means to blame, find fault, or censure.  Paul then wondered why they had not asked him about God’s behavior.  Why does God continue to find fault or blame people, since his will dominates anyway?  Paul then posed another question to himself.  Who could resist God’s will?  Why was there any purpose in resisting God, if he had his way in the end?  These were legitimate questions.  Where was human responsibility if God had complete control of everything?  Do you think that God has control of your life?