The meeting of Nicanor and Judas (1 Macc 7:29-7:32)

“Nicanor came to Judas. They greeted one another peaceably. However, the enemy was preparing to seize Judas. It became known to Judas that Nicanor had come to him with a treacherous intent. Judas was afraid of him and would not meet him again. When Nicanor learned that his plan had been disclosed, he went out to meet Judas in battle near Caphar-salama. About five hundred men of the army of Nicanor fell. The rest fled into the city of David.”

Nicanor met Judas peacefully. They were about to seize Judas at a second meeting, when Judas found out about it. Once there was no second peaceful meeting, a battle broke out near Caphar-salama, about 5 miles northeast of Jerusalem. Judas and his men killed 500 of the army of Nicanor. The rest fled to the city of David, Jerusalem, since Judas and his group controlled the countryside.