Simon sends his sons to fight (1 Macc 16:1-16:3)

“John went up from Gazara. He reported to his father Simon what Cendebeus had done. Simon called in his two older sons Judas and John. He said to them.

‘My brothers and I

And my father’s house

Have fought the wars of Israel

From our youth until this day.

Things have prospered in our hands

We have delivered Israel many times.

But now I have grown old.

You by heaven’s mercy are mature in years.

Take my place and my brother’s.

Go out and fight for our nation.

May the help which comes from heaven be with you!’”

Remember that John, the son of Simon, had been the commander of the coastal area. He went to his father to tell him what Cendebeus had done. Now in a strange episode, Simon said that he was too old to fight. His sons Judas and John would have to fight from now on for Israel. They would need the help of heaven to succeed.