The king is troubled about Daniel (Dan 6:14-6:14)

“When the king,

Heard the charge,

He was very much distressed.

He was determined

To save Daniel.

Until the sun went down,

He made every effort

To rescue him.”

The king, on the other hand, was not too worried about his decree. When he heard the charges against Daniel, he was a little upset and concerned about him. He was determined to save Daniel from the lions. He tried everything to figure out how to rescue Daniel. Finally, the sun set. With that, so did Daniel’s chances of help dim.


Yahweh strikes his hands together (Ezek 22:13-22:13)


I strike

My hands together

At the dishonest gain

That you have made.

I strike

My hands together

At the blood

That has been shed

Within you.”

Yahweh was slapping his hands together, a gesture of indignation or a gesture as a need to get things done. Yahweh was upset about the dishonest gain that was happening in Jerusalem. He was also upset about the blood being shed there.