The third beast (Dan 7:6-7:6)

“After this,

As I watched,

Another beast appeared,

Like a leopard.

This beast had

Four wings

Of a bird

On its back.

It had four heads.


Was given to it.”

As Daniel watched, using the first-person singular, the third beast came up out of the water. This beast looked like a leopard with 4 bird wings on its back. However, it also had 4 heads, without an explanation of what kind of heads. This leopard-like beast had dominion and power given to it, probably a reference to Persia.

The fingers writing on the wall (Dan 5:5-5:5)


The fingers

Of a human hand


These fingers

Began writing

On the plaster

Of the wall

Of the king’s palace,

Next to the lampstand.

The king

Was watching

The hand

As it wrote.”

Immediately, as they began to drink from the sacred vessels from the Jerusalem Temple, praising the various Babylonian gods, the fingers of a human hand appeared. These fingers of this strange hand started writing on the plaster wall of the king’s palace, next to the lampstand. The king watched as this mysterious hand wrote on the wall.

Blindness (Lam 4:17-4:17)


“Our eyes failed.

We were forever

Watching vainly

For help.

We were

Watching eagerly

For a nation

That could not save.”

Despite the fact that the people of Jerusalem were watching in vain, their eyes failed them. They were looking for help, but none came. They eagerly watched for country after country to help them, but no one could save them. Either they were blind or other countries were blind to them. This verse starts with the Hebrew consonant letter Ayin in this acrostic poem.

Judith leaves Bethulia with her maid (Jdt 10:6-10:10)

“Then they went out to the town gate of Bethulia. They found Uzziah standing there with the elders of the city, Chabris and Charmis. When they saw her transformed in appearance and dressed differently they were greatly astonished at her beauty. They said to her.

‘May the God of our ancestors

Grant you favor and fulfill your plans,

So that the people of Israel may have glory

So that Jerusalem may be exalted.’

She bowed down to God. Then she said to them.

‘Order the gate of the town to be opened for me,

I will go out.

I will accomplish the things you have just said to me.’

So they ordered the young men to open the gate for her, as she had requested. When they had done this, Judith went out, accompanied by her maid. The men of the town watched her until she had gone down the mountain and passed through the valley, where they could no longer see her.”

Judith and her maid went down to the town gate. There the elders and leaders of Bethulia were standing. They were astonished at her beauty. However, they blessed her. They prayed that the God of their ancestors would fulfill her plans for the greater glory of Israel and Jerusalem. She, in turn, asked them to open the town gate so that she could go out to accomplish her mission. So they opened the gate and let her out with her maid. They watched as they went down the mountain into the valley, until she was out of sight.