The Israelites will use Gog’s weapons for their fires (Ezek 39:9-39:10)

“‘Then those who live

In the towns

Of Israel

Will go out.

They will make fires

Of the weapons.

They will burn them,





Hand pikes,


They will make fires

Of them

For seven years.

They will not need

To take wood

Out of the field

Or cut down

Any tree

In the forests.

They will make

Their fires

Of the weapons.

They will despoil

Those who despoiled them.

They will plunder

Those who plundered them.’

Says Yahweh God.”

Yahweh God, via Ezekiel, said that the Israelites in the various towns would gather all the weapons from the army of Gog. They would use weapons in place of wood to keep their fires going for 7 years. They were going to burn all the equipment that they found, whether it was shields, hand bucklers, bows, arrows, pikes, or spears. Thus, they would not have to go out and collect wood for their fires. They would not have to cut down trees in the forest for their house fires. This was a form or recycling by saving the trees, since they used war weapons as fuel for your home. They would get the spoils and plunder of those who had tried to do the same to them.

Quiet wise words (Eccl 9:17-9:18)

“The quiet words of the wise

Are more to be heeded

Than the shouting of a ruler

Among fools.

Wisdom is better

Than weapons of war.

But one bungler

Destroys much good.”

Qoheleth believes that you should listen to the quiet words of the wise rather than the shouting of a ruler among fools. This is somewhat revolutionary saying that the wise are better than the rulers. This strong statement indicates that wisdom is better than war weapons. However, there is a caveat. One bungler can destroy much good.