Wake up Jesus (Mt 8:25-8:25)

“They went

To wake him up


‘Save us!


We are perishing!’”


καὶ προσελθόντες ἤγειραν αὐτὸν λέγοντες Κύριε, σῶσον, ἀπολλύμεθα.


This waking of Jesus can be found in Mark, chapter 4:38, and Luke, chapter 8:24, somewhat similar.  Mark is not as frantic, but Luke has a sense of urgency.  These followers or disciples went to wake up Jesus (καὶ προσελθόντες ἤγειραν αὐτὸν).  They cried out to the Lord (λέγοντες Κύριε) that they wanted to be saved or rescued (σῶσον), because they were dying or facing certain death (ἀπολλύμεθα.).  They were definitely afraid and scared.