Waiting for Yahweh (Hab 2:1-2:1)

“I will stand

At my watch post.

I will station myself

On the rampart tower.

I will keep watch

To see

What he will answer

Concerning my complaint.”

Habakkuk was going to wait for Yahweh to respond to his complaint about the wicked ones.  He was going to stand at the watch post or guard shack.  He would station himself at the ramparts to the town in the tower.  He was going to watch to see if Yahweh was going to respond to his complaints.

The messianic mountain (Isa 25:9-25:10)

“It will be said on that day,


This is our God!

We have waited for him,

So that he might save us.

This is Yahweh.

We have waited for him.

Let us be glad!

Let us rejoice in his salvation!’

The hand of Yahweh

Will rest on this mountain.”

On this great festival day, people will say that they have been waiting for Yahweh, their God. Now they can be glad and rejoice in the salvation of Yahweh, because the hand of Yahweh will rest on this mountain, presumably Mount Zion in Jerusalem.

Waiting for Yahweh (Ps 130:5-130:6)

“I wait for Yahweh.

My soul waits.

I hope in his word.

My soul waits for Yahweh

More than those who watch for the morning,

More than those who watch for the morning.”

This psalmist waits and hopes for Yahweh. His soul waits and hopes in the word of Yahweh. This waiting is greater than those who wait for the morning sunrise, a phrase that is mentioned twice so as not to forget it.

Waiting for Yahweh (Ps 38:15-38:16)

“But it is for you!


That I wait!

It is you!


My God!

You will answer!

I pray!

‘Only do not let them rejoice over me!

Those who boast against me

When my foot slips!’”

David is waiting for Yahweh. Only he could answer him. Yahweh was his God. He just prayed that they would not rejoice over him in case his foot slipped. They were just waiting for him to fail. David had hope and trust in waiting for Yahweh.