Symbolic wine presses of blood (Isa 63:2-63:3)

“‘Why are your robes red?

Why are your garments like them?

Who has tread in the wine press?’

‘I have trodden the wine press alone.

No one was with me

From the various peoples.

I trod them in my anger.

I trampled them in my wrath.

Their juice spattered on my garments.

I stained all my robes.’”

This dialog continues with questions and answers about the red garments and a red robe. The prophet or guard wanted to know why the robes and garments were red. Had he been in a wine press? This visitor from the south, or perhaps Yahweh, responded that he had to tread the wine press alone because no one else was with him. The red on his stained clothes was from the spattered juice or blood of those he had trod under because of his anger and wrath.

There is no hope for the ungodly (Wis 5:14-5:14)

“Because the hope of the ungodly is

Like thistledown

Carried by the wind.

The hope of the ungodly is

Like a light frost

Driven away by a storm.

It is dispersed

Like smoke before the wind.

It passes

Like the remembrance of a guest

Who stays but a day.”

Here we have a description of the hope of the ungodly (ἐλπὶς ἀσεβοῦς) that is like chaff or thistle carried away by the wind. It is like a light frost driven away by a storm. It is like smoke before the winds come. It is like a visitor who only stays one day. Here today, gone tomorrow, such is the hope of the ungodly.