Uzziah asks them to have courage (Jdt 7:30-7:32)

“Uzziah said to them.

‘Courage, my brothers and sisters!

Let us hold out for five more days.

By that time the Lord our God will turn his mercy to us again.

He will not forsake us utterly.

But if these days pass by,

And no help comes for us,

I will do what you say.’

Then he dismissed the people to their various posts. They went up on the walls and the towers of their town. The women and children he sent home. In the town, they were in great misery.”

Uzziah wanted them to have courage. He asked for 5 more days that would bring them to the great 40 day number, since they have suffered for 34 days already. He believed that God would have mercy on them. He would not forsake them. However, if they got to day 40, he would do what they wanted and surrender the town. The Israelites seemed to accept this, as they went back to their watch posts with the women and children going home. However, there was great misery in this town.