Not respecting the creative potter (Isa 29:15-29:16)

“Woe to you!

You hide a plan too deep for Yahweh!

Your deeds are in the dark!

You say.

‘Who sees us?

Who knows us?’

You turn things upside down!

Shall the potter be regarded as the clay?

Shall the thing made

Say of its maker?

‘He did not make me.’

Shall the thing formed

Say of the one who formed it?

‘He has no understanding.’”

Yahweh seems to be mad at the leaders of Judah who are attempting to plot with Assyria. They have a hidden dark plan since they seem to say that no one sees them or knows about it. They have things upside down because they are the creatures, not the creators. They are the clay that thinks that they are the potters who mold the clay. They were made by the Creator God as in Genesis, chapter 2. They were the formed, not the formers. Why are they saying that the Creator God does not understand, since they are mere clay?

A reproach against immorality (Isa 5:20-5:20)

“Woe to you

Who call evil good!

Woe to you

Who call good evil!

Woe to you

Who put darkness for light!

Woe to you

Who put light for darkness!

Woe to you

Who put bitter for sweet!

Woe to you

Who put sweet for bitter!”

Now Isaiah takes on the immoral people who call evil good and the reverse, good evil. They put darkness on light and light on darkness. They say something is bitter when it is sweet, and vice versa. They live in an immoral upside down world.