The Ulam vestibule of the inner Temple (Ezek 40:48-40:49)

“Then he brought me

To the vestibule

Of the temple.

He measured

The pilasters

Of the vestibule,

Five cubits

On either side.

The width

Of the gate

Was fourteen cubits.

The sidewalls

Of the gate were

Three cubits

On either side.

The depth

Of the vestibule was

Twenty cubits

Its width was

Twelve cubits.

Ten steps

Led up to it.

There were pillars

Beside the pilasters

On either side.”

The bronze man brought Ezekiel into inner court, the Temple properly speaking. This vestibule of the inner court was called Ulam. As usual, the bronze man began to measure everything. The pilasters were 5 cubits or 8 feet on each side. The gate was 14 cubits, about 23 feet wide. The sidewalls of the gate were 3 cubits or 5 feet on each side. The vestibule itself was 20 cubits by 12 cubits, about 32 feet by 20 feet rectangular, relatively small. There were 10 steps leading up to it, not just 7 or 8. Besides the pilasters, there were also pillars on either side.

Saul’s brother’s family (1 Chr 8:39-8:40)

“The sons of his brother Eshek were Ulam his firstborn, Jeush the second, and Eliphelet the third. The sons of Ulam were mighty warriors, archers, having many children and grandchildren, one hundred fifty. All these were Benjaminites.”

Saul had a brother named Eshek, who is only mentioned here. Eshek had 3 sons, Ulam, Jeush, and Eliphelet. Ulam was also the name of a descendent of Gideon. There were 5 people with the name of Jeush, while there were 6 with the name of Eliphelet. These were all mighty warriors, very good with bows and arrows.   They had over 150 children and grandchildren.

The sons of Machir (1 Chr 7:16-7:17)

“Maacah the wife of Machir bore a son. She named him Peresh. The name of his brother was Sheresh. His sons were Ulam and Rakem. The son of Ulam was Bedan. These were the sons of Gilead son of Machir, son of Manasseh. His sister Hammolecheth bore Ishhod, Abiezer, and Mahlah. The sons of Shemida were Ahian, Shechem, Likhi, and Aniam.”

This is the only mention of Peresh and Sheresh, who would be brothers of Gilead. The sons of Sheresh were Ulam and Rakem, who also are only mentioned here, although there is another person with the name of Ulam. Bedan was the son of Ulam. This is the only mention of Hammolecheth, the sister of Gilead, and her son (1) Ishhod. This may be loosely based on Joshua, chapter 7. (2) Abiezer is here a son of Hammolecheth, while in Joshua he was the son of Gilead. (2) Mahlah was the daughter of Zelophehad, not Hammolecheth. This biblical author was not in step with Joshua. Shemida was the son of Gilead, as was Shechem, who is here the son of Shemida instead of his brother. On the other hand Shechem’s 3 brothers Ahiam, Likhi, and Aniam are only mentioned here.