The unique ornamented vestments of Aaron (Sir 45:10-45:13)

“The sacred vestments were



And purple.

They were the work of an embroiderer.

Aaron had the oracle of judgment,

The Urim and the Thummim.

They had twisted crimson,

The work of a craftsman.

There were precious stones

Engraved like signet seals.

There was a setting of gold,

The work of a jeweler.

This was a commemoration

In engraved letters,

Of each of the tribes of Israel.

He had a gold crown upon his turban.

This was inscribed

Like a signet seal with


This was a distinction to be prized.

This was the work of an expert.

This was the delight for the eyes,

As this was richly adorned.

Before him,

Such beautiful things did not exist.

No outsider ever put them on.

Only his sons put this on.

Only his descendants perpetually put this on.”

The colorful vestments of Aaron were made of embroidered gold, violet, and purple. The artisans had made these crimson yarns. The Urim and Thummim were sacred oracles, in the pouch of the breastplate of judgment, according to Exodus, chapter 28. Aaron would carry the names of the Israelites and the judgment of the Israelites, when he went into the holy place. This unmentioned breastplate had precious stones engraved seals of the 12 tribes in settings of gold. He had a gold crown on his head that was on the top of his turban with gold flower designs. On the top of it was engraved “holiness” or as in Exodus, “Holy to Yahweh.” These highly artistic works were a delight to the eye since nothing like it existed anywhere before. Nobody, but Aaron and his sons could wear these vestments. Eventually, these became the sacred vestments of the Temple high priest.

The headpiece turban, tunic and sash (Ex 28:36-28:39)

“You shall make a rosette of pure gold, and engrave on it, like the engraving of a signet, ‘Holy to Yahweh.’  You shall fasten it on the turban with a blue cord.  It shall be on the front of the turban.  It shall be on Aaron’s forehead.  Aaron shall take on himself any guilt incurred in the holy offering that the Israelites consecrate as their sacred donations.  It shall always be on his forehead, in order that they may find favor before Yahweh.  You shall make the checkered tunic of fine linen.  You shall make a turban of fine linen.  You shall make a sash embroidered with needlework.”

Linen is used here for the tunic, turban and sash.  However, the turban has an elaborate crown on it, a rosette of pure gold.  A rosette is like a small flower design.  The engraving on it says ‘Holy to Yahweh.’ This little golden crown flower is fastened to the turban with a blue cord.  Thus, it is on the front of the turban on Aaron’s forehead.   Not much is said about the checkered tunic and the sash.