Trust in Yahweh (Prov 29:25-29:27)

“The fear of others lays a snare.

But one who trusts in Yahweh is secure.

Many seek the favor of a ruler.

But it is from Yahweh that one gets justice.

The unjust are an abomination to the righteous.

But the upright are an abomination to the wicked.”

We should trust in Yahweh. Do not fear others. Many seek the favor of a ruler or king, but justice comes from Yahweh. The unjust are an abomination to the righteous and vice versa. So never the twain shall meet.

Trust in Yahweh (Prov 3:5-3:8)

“Trust in Yahweh

With all your heart!

Do not rely on your own insight!

In all your ways

Acknowledge him.

He will make straight your paths.

Do not be wise in your own eyes!

Fear Yahweh!

Turn away from evil!

It will be healing to your flesh.

It will be refreshment to your body.”

At the heart of wisdom is trust in Yahweh. You are to trust God with your whole heart. Do not rely on yourself for insight. Acknowledge God in all ways. He will lead you down the right path. Do not pretend to be wise in your own eyes. Fear God. Turn away from evil. This is straight forward advice that will bring healing and refreshment to your body.

Trust in Yahweh (Ps 143:7-143:8)

“Answer me quickly!


My spirit fails!

Do not hide your face from me.

Otherwise I shall be

Like those who go down to the Pit.

Let me hear of your steadfast love

In the morning.

In you

I put my trust.

Teach me the way I should go.

To you

I lift up my soul.”

David wanted a quick answer to his prayer. His spirit was failing. He did not want Yahweh to hide his face because then he would go down into the Pit. He wanted to hear the steadfast love of Yahweh in the morning. David put all his trust in Yahweh so that Yahweh might teach him the way to go. He had lifted up his soul to Yahweh.

Trust in Yahweh (Ps 40:4-40:5)

“Happy are those

Who make Yahweh their trust!

Happy are those

Who do not turn to the proud!

Happy are those

Who do not go astray after false gods!


My God,

You have multiplied

Your wondrous deeds.

You have multiplied

Your thoughts toward us.

None can compare with you!

Were I to proclaim,

Were I to tell of them,

They would be more than can be counted.”

The happy or blessed people trust in Yahweh. They are not proud. They do not go after false gods. Yahweh has multiplied them with his wondrous deeds. What he has done cannot be compared to anyone else. It would be impossible to count all of the things that Yahweh has done for his happy and blessed people who have faith in him.

Trust in Yahweh (Ps 37:3-37:4)


“Trust in Yahweh!

Do good!

Thus you will live in the land.

You will enjoy security.

Take delight in Yahweh!

He will give you

The desires of your heart.”

In the face of evil, trust in Yahweh, your God. Do good and then you will live in the Promised Land in security. The land was key to Jewish thought, especially the Promised Land. If you delighted in Yahweh, he would give you all the desires of your heart.