Trust in God (Ps 62:5-62:8)

“For God alone

My soul waits in silence.

My hope is from God.

He alone is my rock.

He alone is my salvation.

He alone is my fortress.

I shall not be shaken.

On God rests my deliverance.

On God rests my honor.

My mighty rock is God.

My refuge is God.

Trust in God

At all times!

O people!

Pour out your heart before him!

God is a refuge for us!”


These first few verses repeat the first few verses of this psalm. David placed all his trust in God alone. He waited in silence. He knew that God was his salvation, his rock, and his fortress. He would not be shaken in his ways. God gave him deliverance and honor. God was his mighty rock and refuge. He wanted all the people to trust in God at all times. He wanted them to pour out their hearts to God because he was the refuge for all of them. This section concluded with a musical interlude meditative pause, the Selah.

Trust in God (Ps 55:22-55:23)

“Cast your burden on Yahweh!

He will sustain you.

He will never permit

The righteous to be moved.

But You!

O God!,

Will cast them down into the lowest pit.

The  bloodthirsty and treacherous

Shall not live out half their days.

But I will trust in you.”

This psalm ends with the comparison between those who trust in God, David, and the bloodthirsty and treacherous enemies, the foes, and the traitors to David.  Yahweh will sustain David.  He will not be moved.  However, he wanted God to send his enemies to the pit, the grave, death.  He wanted them to live out only half their days.  David trusted in Yahweh.  He wanted his foes gone, dead.

Trust in God (Ps 52:8-52:9)

“I am like a green olive tree

In the house of God.

I trust in the steadfast love of God

Forever and ever.

I will thank you forever,

Because of what you have done.

In the presence of the faithful

I will proclaim your name,

Because it is good.”

David was like a green olive tree in the house of God.  He had always trusted in the steadfast love of God.  He would be eternally thankful.  Thus this psalm ends with David proclaiming the name of God because it was good.  Once again there is a connection that is more vivid in English with God being good, the difference between God and good being just a little “o.”

Trust in God (Ps 22:3-22:5)

“You are holy!

You are enthroned on the praises of Israel!

Our ancestors trusted in you.

They trusted.

You delivered them!

They cried to you.

They were saved.

They trusted in you!

They were not disappointed.”

This is a direct plea to God, the holy one, “you.” Israel praised God.  Their Israelite ancestors trusted in God. Thus they were delivered and rescued. They cried and they were saved. They trusted and were not disappointed.