The response of Uzziah (Jdt 8:28-8:31)

“Then Uzziah said to her.

‘All that you have said has been spoken out of a true heart.

There is no one who can deny your words.

Today is not the first time your wisdom has been shown.

But from the beginning of your life,

All the people have recognized your understanding.

Your heart’s disposition is right.

But the people were so thirsty.

They compelled us to do for them what we have promised.

They made us take an oath that we cannot break.

Now since you are a God-fearing woman,

Pray for us!

The Lord may send us rain to fill our cisterns.

Then we will no longer feel faint from thirst.’”

Uzziah admitted that Judith was right. She spoke from a true heart. She had always displayed wisdom throughout all her life. Everyone recognized her understanding and disposition. However, he had made an oath because the people were thirsty. Right now, the only thing to do is pray for rain so that the cisterns would fill up with water. That way the people would not feel faint with thirst.