Immortal spirit (Wis 12:1-12:2)

“Your immortal spirit is in all things.

Therefore you correct little by little

Those who trespass.

You remind them.

You warn them

Of the things through which they sin.

Thus they may be freed from wickedness.

They put their trust in you!

O Lord!”

God’s immortal spirit is in all things (σου πνεῦμά ἐστιν ἐν πᾶσι). This is almost pantheistic. God corrects little by little those who trespass against him. He reminds them and warns them about sin. Thus they may stay away from wickedness, if they put their trust in the Lord (Κύριε). Once again, this a prayer addressed to the Lord, God.

Ezra demands the separation from the foreign wives (Ezra 10:10-10:11)

“Then Ezra the priest stood up and said to them.

‘You have trespassed.

You have married foreign women.

You have increased the guilt of Israel!

Now make confession to Yahweh the God of your ancestors!

Do his will!

Separate yourselves from the peoples of the land!

Separate yourselves from the foreign wives!’”

Ezra gave his plea or demand. Once again it is not Ezra speaking about himself but someone telling the story about Ezra. He warned them that they had trespassed against Yahweh. They had married foreign women. They had incurred guilt. Now, they had to confess their sins and do the will of God. They had to separate themselves from the dreaded people of the land, their foreign wives.