The Chaldean cavalry (Hab 1:8-1:8)

“Their horses

Are swifter

Than leopards.

They are more menacing

Than evening wolves.

Their horsemen

Come from far away.

They fly

Like an eagle,

Swift to devour.”

The Chaldean horses and riders were extraordinary.  Their horses were quicker than leopards and more menacing than wild wolves at sunset.  The cavalry horsemen came from distant places.  They seemed to fly on their horses like fast eagles ready to devour their prey.

The wicked princes (Ezek 22:25-22:25)

“The Jerusalem princes

Are within it

Like a roaring lion

Tearing its prey.

They have devoured

Human lives.

They have taken


They have taken

Precious things.

They have made

Many widows

Within it.”

The princes within the city of Jerusalem were like roaring lions tearing into their prey. They devoured human lives. They stole treasure and precious things. They killed people, so that there many more widows in Jerusalem.


The Israelite captives will be set free (Isa 49:24-49:26)

“Can the prey be taken from the mighty?

Can the captives of a tyrant be rescued?

But thus says Yahweh.

‘Even the captives of the mighty

Shall be taken.

The prey of the tyrant

Shall be rescued.

I will contend with those

Who contend with you.

I will save your children.

I will make your oppressors

Eat their own flesh.

They shall be drunk

With their own blood

As with wine.

Then all flesh shall know

That I am Yahweh!

Your Savior!

Your Redeemer!

The Mighty One of Jacob!’”

Second Isaiah has Yahweh proclaim that the mighty ones and the tyrants will lose their prey and their captured ones. He was going to take on those who had caused problems for the Israelites. He was going to save their children. In colorful language, he explained what he was going to do to these oppressors. They would eat their own flesh and drink their own blood as if they were drunkards drinking wine. Everyone would then know the great Yahweh with his many titles. He was clearly the savior, the redeemer, and the mighty one of Jacob.

Yahweh protects Mount Zion (Isa 31:4-31:5)

“Thus Yahweh said to me.

‘As a lion

Or a young lion

Growls over its prey,

They are not terrified

By the shouting,

When a band of shepherds

Is called out against it.

They are not daunted at their noise.

Thus Yahweh of hosts

Will come down To fight

Upon Mount Zion,

Upon its hill.

Like birds hovering overhead,

So Yahweh of hosts

Will protect Jerusalem.

He will deliver it.

He will spare it.

He will rescue it.’”

Yahweh, via Isaiah, issues an oracle about protecting Mount Zion, Jerusalem. Just like growling lions standing over their prey are not scared by the shouting noise of the shepherds, so too Yahweh will come down to the holy hill of Mount Zion in Jerusalem. He will be like a bird hovering overhead. He will protect, deliver, spare, and rescue Jerusalem. There is no question about that.