No evil (Ps 101:3-101:4)

“I hate the work of those who fall away.

It shall not cleave to me.

Perverseness of heart shall be far from me.

I will know nothing of evil.”

David seems to say that he hates the work of evildoers. They will not hang on to him. Any kind of perverseness of heart shall be far from him. He did not want to know any kind of evil.

Epilogue (2 Macc 15:38-15:39)

“If it is well told and to the point, that is what I myself desired. If it is poorly done and mediocre, that was the best I could do. Just as it is harmful to drink wine alone or to drink water alone, but wine mixed with water is sweet and delicious. It enhances one’s enjoyment. So also I hope the style of this story delights the ears of those who read the work. Here will be the end.”

This biblical author is somewhat apologetic for not writing a better book. This was rare and even rarer today. If you like it fine, but otherwise it was the best that I could do, a rare hint of humility. It was the custom to read aloud even when reading alone because so few people had books anyway. Thus the hearing of the story is so important. The illusion to wine and water may be an attempt to speak about the Greek language of his work. Despite the opposition to Hellenization, the book was written not in Hebrew, but in Greek. Nevertheless, a little Hebrew water would add to the taste and enjoyment of all.

Jonathan rebuilds Jerusalem (1 Macc 10:10-10:11)

“Jonathan took up residence in Jerusalem. He began to rebuild and restore the city. He directed those who were doing the work to build the walls and encircle Mount Zion with squared stones, for better fortification. They did this.”

Now Jonathan moved to Jerusalem, when he had lived at Michmash. He began to rebuild and restore the city. He wanted to encircle Mount Zion that is Jerusalem with square stones to make a better fortification of the city since the 10 year old King Antiochus V and Lysias had torn down the walls in chapter 6 of this book. This is much like Nehemiah, chapters 2 and 3, who rebuilt Jerusalem.