The Lord hears their prayers (Jdt 4:13-4:15)

“The Lord heard their prayers. He had regard for their distress. The people fasted many days throughout Judea and in Jerusalem before the sanctuary of the Lord Almighty. The high priest Joakim and all the priests, who stood before the Lord, with sackcloth around their loins, offered the daily burnt offerings, the votive offerings, and the freewill offerings of the people. With ashes on their turbans, they cried out to the Lord with all their might to look with favor on the whole house of Israel.”

The Lord seemed to hear their prayers. They fasted in front of the sanctuary. The high priest and all the other priests were dressed in sackcloth. They offered the daily and votive burnt offerings, as well as the free will offerings. They had ashes on their turbans as they cried out to God to help the house of Israel.