The vision of the two baskets of figs (Jer 24:1-24:3)

“Yahweh showed me

Two baskets of figs

Placed before

The temple of Yahweh.

One basket had very good figs,

Like first-ripe figs.

But the other basket had very bad figs.

They were so bad

That they could not be eaten.

Yahweh said to me.

‘What do you see?


I said.


The good figs were very good.

The bad figs were very bad.

They were so bad

That they cannot be eaten.’”

During the time of the first captivity, Jeremiah had a vision from Yahweh about two baskets of figs placed before the Temple of God. One basket had good ripe figs, while the other basket had bad figs that were so bad that they could not be eaten. To make sure that Jeremiah got the message, Yahweh asked him what he saw. Then Jeremiah replied about what he saw in this vision. This short chapter is all about these good and bad figs.