Christian Shared Experiences

A believing community has a creed, a code, and a ceremony that they share.  Roman Catholics respect their teachers, who are presumed to be telling the truth, so that there is docility to Church teaching, admitting the ability to be taught.  There are central beliefs which all Catholics must give the fullest level of assent, the defined dogma, such as the Trinity, One God with three persons, and belief in Jesus Christ, two natures both divine and human.  Jesus was a real person who died and rose from the dead.  The magisterium comes in the form of papal documents and ecumenical worldwide councils.

Niagara Bible Conferences

The ground work of this new fundamental movement was the Bible Conferences that were held in Niagara, Ontario from 1876-1897.  They set down their beliefs in the inerrancy of the Bible, the Trinity, the Deity of Christ, the Second Coming of Christ, the Virgin birth, Christ’s atonement for sin, the physical resurrection of Jesus, and life after death with God.