The Temple is ready (2 Chr 29:18-29:19)

“Then they went inside to King Hezekiah and said. ‘We have cleansed all the house of Yahweh, the altar of burnt offering and all its utensils. We have cleaned the table for the rows of bread and all its utensils. All the utensils that King Ahaz repudiated during his reign when he was faithless, we have made ready and sanctified. See! They are in front of the altar of Yahweh.’”

After the purification and sanctification of the Temple, the priests and Levites reported back to King Hezekiah. In a kind of repudiation of his father, King Ahaz, the priests and Levites told King Hezekiah that the house of Yahweh was cleansed. The altar for the burnt offerings with all its utensils was ready. The table for the rows of bread was all set up. Everything was in its place ready to go, despite the terrible actions of his father.