The speech of Paul in Jerusalem

Paul wanted them to listen to him.  They became quiet when they heard Paul speak.  Paul said that he was educated in Jerusalem.  He had persecuted the Way, so that he had letters to punish the Way in Damascus.  For the third time, Paul explained his conversion.  On his way to Damascus, a great light shone around him.  A voice asked him why he was persecuting him?  Paul responded by saying “Who are you?”  No one else heard the voice.  Paul then asked “What am I to do?”  Paul was blind.  Ananias from Damascus came to Paul to tell him that he had been chosen to be a witness for Jesus.  He was not to delay.  Paul said that he was praying in the Jerusalem Temple when he saw Jesus.  He had beaten up people who believed in the Lord.  He had approved of the death of Stephen.  However, Jesus told him to go to the gentiles.  With that, the Jewish crowd shouted that he should be put to death.