The Shunammite woman goes to Elisha (2 Kings 4:22-4:28)

“Then she called to her husband, and said. ‘Send me one of the servants and one of the donkeys, so that I may quickly go to the man of God, and come back again.’ He said. ‘Why go to him today? It is neither new moon nor Sabbath.’ She said. ‘It will be all right.’ Then she saddled the donkey. She said to her servant. ‘Urge the animal on. Do not hold back for me unless I tell you.’ So she set out. She came to the man of God at Mount Carmel. When the man of God saw her coming, he said to Gehazi his servant. ‘Look, there is the Shunammite woman. Run at once to meet her. Say to her. ‘Are you all right? Is your husband all right? Is the child all right?’ She answered. ‘It is all right.’ When she came to the man of God at the mountain, she caught hold of his feet. Gehazi approached to push her away. But the man of God said. ‘Let her alone, for she is in bitter distress. Yahweh has hidden it from me. He has not told me.’ Then she said. ‘Did I ask my lord for a son? Did I not say? Do not mislead me?’”

The Shunammite woman called her husband and asked him to bring a servant and a donkey. She was going to see the man of God at Mount Carmel. He wanted to know why she was going today since it was not the Sabbath or a new moon. She did not tell him that his son had died. She simply said that it would be okay. She set out quickly on the donkey until she got to Mount Carmel, which is on the northern coast. Elisha sent his servant Gehazi to greet her to find out if everything was all right. She said yes, but when she got to Elisha, she grabbed his feet. Gehazi wanted to protect his master, but Elisha knew that Yahweh had hidden sometime from him. She responded that she did not want to be tricked about having a son. Elisha knew that she was in distress.