The response of Jeremiah (Jer 28:5-28:5)

“Then the prophet Jeremiah


To the prophet Hananiah,

In the presence of the priests

With all the people

Who were standing

In the house of Yahweh.”

Jeremiah the prophet responded to Hananiah the prophet in this old fashioned shoot out of prophets. Jeremiah spoke in the same presence of the priests. He also spoke to all the people standing in the Temple, which makes a lot more sense than all the people without any conditions.

The response of Jeremiah (Jer 14:13-14:13)

“Then I said.

‘O Yahweh God!

Here are what the prophets

Said to them.

‘You shall not see the sword.

You shall not have famine.

But I will give you

True peace

In this place.’”

Jeremiah pleaded with Yahweh, his God. He reminded him that the prophets had told the people that Judah would be a place of true peace. Thus no one would see the sword or suffer from a famine.