The prayer to Yahweh (Ps 69:13-69:15)

“But as for me,

My prayer is to you.


At an acceptable time!

O God!

In the abundance of your steadfast love

Answer me!

With your faithful help,

Rescue me

From sinking in the mire!

Let me be delivered

From my enemies!

Let me be delivered

From the deep waters!

Do not let

The flood sweep over me!

Do not let

The deep swallow me up!

Do not let

The pit closes its mouth over me!”

David prayed to Yahweh. He was willing to get a response at an acceptable time from God. He knew that God loved him. Thus he wanted to be rescued from sinking in mud. He wanted to be free of his enemies. He wanted to get away from the deep waters. He did not want the flood to come and swallow him up. He certainly did not want to go down to his grave, the pit that would swallow him up. This time of the flood of water overtaking him continued from the opening verses.

The prayer to Yahweh (Ps 22:19-22:21)

“But You!


Do not be far away!

O my help!

Come quickly to my aid!

Deliver my soul from the sword!

Deliver my life from the power of the dog!

Save me from the mouth of the lion!”

David or the psalmist did not want Yahweh to be far away. He wanted him to help him by coming quickly to his aid. He wanted his soul and his life saved from the power of the sword and the dog. He wanted to be saved from the lion’s mouth.

The prayer to Yahweh (Ps 17:6-17:7)

“I am there.

I call upon you.

You answer me!

O God!

Incline your ear to me!

Hear my words!

Wondrously show your steadfast love!

O savior of those who seek refuge!”

The psalmist calls to God to answer him. He wanted God to turn his ear toward him. This is a common theme of God listening with his ear. He wanted God to hear his words. He wanted God to show his love. He wanted protection from his adversaries. He was seeking love and refuge in God.