The prayer of Raguel (Tob 8:15-8:17)

“So they blessed the God of heaven. Raguel said.

‘Blessed are you, O God,

With every pure and blessing.

Let all your chosen ones bless you.

Let them bless you forever.

Blessed are you

Because you have made me glad.

It has not turned out as I expected.

But you have dealt with us

According to your great mercy.

Blessed are you,

Because you had compassion on two only children.

Be merciful to them, O Master.

Keep them safe.

Bring their lives to fulfillment in happiness and mercy.’”

Raguel blessed the God of heaven, not the God of his ancestors. All of God’s chosen ones should bless God forever. Raguel was happy because things had not turned out as he had expected. Great mercy was given to the 2 only children. Raguel asked for compassion to keep them safe. He wanted their lives full of happiness and mercy, like any father. He was glad that he was wrong. He only hoped for the best for these 2 young people.