Death and Sheol (Hos 13:14-13:14)

“Shall I ransom them

From the power

Of Sheol?

Shall I redeem them

From Death?

O Death!

Where are your plagues?

O Sheol!

Where is your destruction?

Compassion is hidden

From my eyes.”

Yahweh, via Hosea, wanted to know if he should ransom Israel from the power of Sheol, the shadowy afterlife experience. Should Yahweh redeem them from death. Then, he like Paul later in his description of death in I Corinthians, chapter 15, wondered where was the sting or the power of death. Where were the plagues and destruction of Death and Sheol? Yahweh would not have compassion on them, because it was hidden from his eyes.

Locusts and flies (Wis 16:8-16:9)

“By this also you convinced our enemies

That it is you

Who delivered them from every evil.

They were killed

By the bites of locusts.

They were killed

By the bites of flies.

No healing was found for them.

Because they deserved

To be punished

By such things.”

Here then is allusion to the plagues in Egypt in Exodus, chapters 6-11, when the locusts and flies attacked and killed the Egyptians. However, they deserved to be punished in this way.