The people in Jerusalem (Jer 29:16-29:16)

“Thus says Yahweh

Concerning the king

Who sits

On the throne of David.

This concerns

All the people

Who live in this city.

This concerns

Your kinsmen

Who did not go out

With you into exile.”

This and the following verses are lacking in the Greek Septuagint translation, since they are like a comment on Jeremiah’s letter. Yahweh seems to be talking about the king in Jerusalem as well as the people who were not sent into captivity. These are the people who were left behind in Jerusalem, their relatives. They were the people favored by the Babylonians, since they were not sent to Babylon in the first purge and captivity of 598 BCE.

The people in Jerusalem (Ezra 2:70-2:70)

“The priests, the Levites, and some of the people lived in Jerusalem and its vicinity. The singers, the gatekeepers, and the temple servants lived in their towns. All the Israelites lived in their towns.”

When they returned, only the Levites and priests lived in Jerusalem. The rest of the people returned to their various towns. Thus the singers, the gatekeepers, and the Temple servants did not live in Jerusalem.