The other vessels are going to Babylon (Jer 27:21-27:22)

“Thus says Yahweh of hosts,

The God of Israel,

Concerning the vessels

Left in the house

Of Yahweh,

In the house

Of the king of Judah,

As well as in Jerusalem.

‘They shall be carried

To Babylon.

There they shall stay

Until the day

When I give attention to them.

Then I will bring them up.

I will restore them to this place.’

Says Yahweh.”

Now Yahweh seems to indicate that there will be a second captivity when the rest of the sacred vessels will be brought to Babylon. They would stay there until Yahweh wanted to restore or bring them back to Jerusalem. Thus the vessels in Babylon were going to stay there, until Yahweh brought them back. In the meantime, the other sacred vessels from Jerusalem would be brought there also.