The opinions about Jesus

There were two main opinions about Jesus.  No one spoke openly about Jesus, although he was teaching in the Temple.  Jesus had never studied in Jerusalem.  However, Jesus maintained that this was not his teaching, but a teaching from God, because there was no falsehood.  Was he keeping the law of Moses?  Did he have a demon?  They marveled at his deeds, just as Moses gave them circumcision.  Was he curing on the Sabbath?  They had to judge with the right judgment.  They sought to kill him.  How could he be the Christ, since they knew where he came from.  Jesus explained himself.  He said that the Father had sent him, but his hour had not yet come.  Many believed in Jesus, but the Pharisees tried to arrest Jesus.  Jesus said that he would be with them only a little bit longer.  They could not come where he was going.  Some thought that he was going to go to the Greeks?  What did he mean?  Finally, on the last day of the festival, Jesus spoke about living water and the Holy Spirit.  Many thought that Jesus was a prophet, the Christ.  However, the Christ Messiah would come from Bethlehem.  Thus, there was a division of opinions about Jesus.  Should they arrest him or not?  The officers did not arrest Jesus, because they said that there was no other person like him.  The Pharisees were upset.  Did any Pharisees believe in Jesus?  They felt that the crowd should be cursed.  Then Nicodemus spoke about not judging too quickly.  They reminded him that no prophet came from Galilee.  Then they went home without doing anything.  Do you have more than one opinion about Jesus?